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Logo Design Melbourne

Seamer Design takes the stress out of brand development and logo design. Contact us to find out how we can help your Melbourne business's brand identity.


Branding & 
logo design

Our services include:

  • Brand audit

  • Customer segmentation

  • Brand strategy

  • Brand positioning

  • Brand creation

  • Trademarking

  • and more

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Print Design

Our creative services include:

  • Advertising

  • Graphic design

  • Packaging

  • Photography

  • Corporate Identity

  • Trade show displays

  • and more

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Website design
& digital media

Our services include:

  • Website Design

  • Website development

  • Content management systems (CMS)

  • e-commerce

  • 2D and 3D animation

  • Email marketing

  • and more

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Logo Design Melbourne

Bring New Life to Your Company’s Brand with Logo Design in Melbourne

You need your brand to be instantly recognisable among the competition, and logo design in Melbourne is an essential part of that distinction. Your logo should convey your core values, alert your clients the style of business you conduct, and be instantly identifiable. Seamer Design has the skills and experience necessary to help you design a perfect corporate logo to help your company grow.

Why You Can Trust Seamer Design with Your Corporate Logo Design in Melbourne

There are several significant reasons that you can feel safe placing your company’s corporate branding in our hands:

  • Excellent Graphic Design - Our team understands how to get the most out of the design software that we use. Additionally, they possess refined sensibilities that help them design a logo that suits your brand. Graphically express a sense of whimsy for a company that focuses on casual shopping or produce a logo that lets your clients know that you’re serious about your work.

  • Unique Approach - No two companies are the same, yet too many logos fail to distinguish their companies. We take an approach that is as distinct as the work that you do, so we develop design approaches and marketing strategies that start with a new logo. When your logo is properly designed, it immediately conveys what sets you apart from the competition.

  • The Importance of Branding - We understand that for a business, its corporate brand is its identity. Your business’s logo, marketing strategy and public reputation are often more impactful than the actual work you do when it comes to generating new business. We can help you capitalise on the good work you’ve done by coupling it with an innovative approach to marketing that starts with a new design for your corporate logo.

  • Experience - With nearly two decades of experience behind us, our company has worked with many unique clients. Our design team has learned something new from each past success with our clients, and today your business can benefit from those lessons. Between our creativity and experience, we’ll always have an interesting and effective solution to the problem of rebranding your business.

  • “Can Do” Attitude - Our team responds positively to any challenge, so no matter what you’re looking for, we’ll find a way to accomplish it. Our approach is never to say “no”, but instead to start figuring out “how”.

  • Full-Service Approach - We offer logo design as part of a comprehensive approach to branding your new company. Alternatively, we can help established companies do what is necessary to rebrand if you need to make a new splash in the market. Part of our boutique approach is to address your current marketing strategy and redesign as much or as little of it as is necessary.

What You Stand to Lose If You Don’t Use Seamer Design

Your company relies on having a clear, identifiable brand. Seamer Design offers the perfect blend of skill, experience and creativity to help you find the perfect logo to express your business’s core values and marketing approach. Contact us today to learn more about our logo design services in Melbourne and prepare your business for tomorrow.


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