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    This Agency Can Help Your Melbourne Company with Corporate Identity Through Logo and Graphic Design

    Corporate identity is much more important than many fledgeling companies think. When new businesses and organisations arise, many people in charge often believe that they can design their brand identity themselves, while others believe that identity is not at all important. Both thought processes are the wrong ones to have and lead to a multitude of failed businesses, as a result. You may think that a logo is just a logo or that a website does not need to look beautiful or that a business card can simply be black text on white stock. You could offer potential customers this look, but it certainly will not be memorable.

    What many companies do not understand is that a corporate identity acts as a visual first impression to potential customers. Smart, creatively-positioned identities are memorable, and being memorable is vital in an age where advertisements are everywhere. A professional brand identity will help your business stand out from your competitors and, as a result, you will have more customers and more revenue.

    When starting a business or organisation, you should enlist the help of an agency that focuses on corporate identity design for Melbourne brands. For 15 years, Seamer Design has been a leading agency in brand strategy and graphic design.

    We Offer Branding Services Including Corporate Logo Design in Melbourne

    One of the first insights into your company’s brand identity is the logo. If you have a physical space, it will surely be above your front door. If you have business cards, the logo will be prominent. Because the logo is something that every potential customer is going to see, it needs to be unique, eye-catching, and professional. We’ve discussed having a memorable identity. Well, a logo is a major component of that.

    At Seamer Design, we believe that a brand begins with a design statement and logo, which encapsulates your product or business. Thanks to our years of experience and our knowledge of graphic design and creative branding, we can offer you our brand creation services, including logo design.

    Along with logo design, we provide full services in corporate graphic design for Melbourne businesses, which can include website design and development. If your organisation’s business rests on its online success, we will make sure to correctly position your brand and create an aesthetically-pleasing, well-functioning web presence.

    It’s About Communicating Your Core Values

    To be clear, corporate branding is not about looking “cool” or giving your company the illusion that it is something that it’s not. It’s about creating a visual representation of what your business stands for, and its core values. To do this, we work with you to position your brand in its given industry, while making sure that your logo and design communicate the values and benefits of your business. We are here to make sure that the right customers see your company’s identity through our designs.

    For more information on our services, call our Melbourne offices on 03 9008 9838. We look forward to helping you create your company’s identity.


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