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Seamer Design takes the stress out of brand development and logo design. Contact us to find out how we can help your Melbourne business's brand identity.


Branding & 
logo design

Our services include:

  • Brand audit

  • Customer segmentation

  • Brand strategy

  • Brand positioning

  • Brand creation

  • Trademarking

  • and more

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Print Design

Our creative services include:

  • Advertising

  • Graphic design

  • Packaging

  • Photography

  • Corporate Identity

  • Trade show displays

  • and more

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Website design
& digital media

Our services include:

  • Website Design

  • Website development

  • Content management systems (CMS)

  • e-commerce

  • 2D and 3D animation

  • Email marketing

  • and more

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Branding Agency Melbourne

Redefine Your Corporate Identity with Our Branding Agency in Melbourne

Are you looking to hire a branding agency in Melbourne to help your business define (or redefine) its corporate identity? If so, you have come to the right place. At Seamer Design, we are a full-service creative agency standing by to help you with any part of your branding that you think needs work. Get in touch today to learn more about what we do and how we can help your business reach the next level.

What You Should Know about Brand Identity Design in Melbourne

As you work towards establishing a new brand design in Melbourne, here are a few things to keep in mind about brand identity in general:

  • It is multifaceted: A brand identity exists on multiple levels. When you hear the name of a well-known brand, you experience several associations at once, all instantaneously. You might picture that brand’s logo, hear their jingle or think about their flagship product. When these associations happen, that is the result of a well-done brand design campaign. In order for all those things to stitch together in a consumer’s mind, you need to execute a detailed planning campaign that takes into account all the facets and levels of your brand.

  • It requires a range of considerations: When you hire us for brand identity design in Melbourne, you will get more than just a logo. On the contrary, we will help you work through all the various considerations that go into designing a brand. Those things include your corporate values, information about your target audience and what you want people to feel when they think about your brand—among other considerations.

  • It isn’t necessarily fixed: A brand identity is not set in stone. Just as people, businesses grow, change and evolve. If you find that your brand identity is no longer a match with where your business is now, then it’s time to call a branding studio in Melbourne.

Things You Can Learn from Seamer Design

As you search for an agency to assist with your corporate branding in Melbourne, you might wonder what specific lessons on this subject you can learn from working with Seamer Design. Here are a few of the key titbits we try to impart to our clients:

  • The best branding requires ‘stitching’: We’re fans of saying that we ‘stitch brands together.’ We use this phrasing because effective branding is about taking disparate elements (and disparate services) and combining them all into a beautiful patchwork quilt. As a full-service brand design agency in Melbourne, we can help you understand how all these pieces fit together—from the brand name to the logo, all the way to the communications materials.

  • Graphic design is a huge piece of the puzzle: So much of branding is about messaging and ideology that people often forget how big a role visual elements play. Logos, colour schemes, websites, brochures, stationery, packaging and more all utilise visual elements to convey what your brand stands for and why. As a design firm, we are the perfect people to help you see how these visual components feed into the recognisability and resonance of your brand.

  • Brands can’t be built out of thin air: When we do brand strategy and brand design work, we conduct audits, hold lengthy conversations with our clients and do quite a bit of research to learn about them, their market and their target customers. No brand can be built out of nothing. We strive to learn everything we can about businesses before we help them with branding. That way, we can make sure we understand everything there is to understand about what they do and who they are trying to reach.

Signs You Should Invest in a Branding Agency in Melbourne

When is it time to bring in a firm to talk brand strategy in Melbourne? Here are a few crossroads moments that might encourage you to pick up the phone and call a branding agency:

  • You are a new business: Let’s say you’ve recently launched a new business and have been working to get your feet under you. Now that things are relatively steady, you are ready to grow, win new customers and start competing for a larger market share. The first step is to establish or hone your brand into something that customers will recognise.

  • Your current branding isn’t working: Perhaps your sales figures are flat, or maybe you are just struggling to establish a loyal customer base. If so, there is a good chance that your current brand identity just isn’t resonating with people.

  • Your business has changed: Every year or so, it’s a good idea to assess your branding and ask yourself if it still makes sense for your business. If you have added new products or services, expanded to new areas or pivoted to new markets or audience, then your branding may be out of step with what your corporate identity should be now.

In any of these situations, bringing in a proven branding agency will help you get your business back on the right track.

The Best Advice You Can Hear Regarding Brand Development in Melbourne

If you believe that your business is at a crossroads where it requires brand development in Melbourne, keep these tips in mind to help you decide which next step is right:

  • Listen to what your customers are saying: If you aren’t sure if your brand is effective, you can learn a lot by asking your customers. Finding out what customers think of your brand, what comes to mind when people think of your brand and where you stand within your industry can help you determine how much work is necessary to find your way back.

  • Get a branding audit: At Seamer Design, we don’t brand first and ask questions later. Instead, we conduct a thorough brand audit with the goal of determining where your brand needs the most work. This step is a perfect starting point to any branding project.

  • Don’t be afraid to rebrand: If your current branding isn’t working, don’t be afraid to jettison it for the future. You may feel attached to an old logo or slogan, but if those assets aren’t working, then they aren’t valuable anymore. Changing things up could be just what your business needs to drive growth.

Why Trust Seamer Design as Your Brand Strategy Agency in Melbourne?

Here are a few of the things that make Seamer Design a reliable ally for any corporate identity design in Melbourne:

  • Our experience: We have been operating as a brand strategy agency in Melbourne since 2002. We have worked with clients in a wide range of sectors, including government, finance, IT, manufacturing and more.

  • Our versatility: We break down our services into three categories: strategy, branding and communication. Whether you need help with devising a brand name, designing your first logo, developing a corporate website or plotting the design and massaging of a brochure, we can help.

  • Our nuanced approach: We put in a lot of work to make sure we understand your business thoroughly before we do any work on your behalf. Our goal, every time, is to know your business as if it were ours. That way, we can provide services that are tailored to suit your brand exactly.

Why Seamer Design Is Cost-Effective

DIY branding, in most cases, is not backed by the kind of knowledge and experience we bring to the table at Seamer Design. When you choose us for your branding and design strategy in Melbourne, you get an immensely skilled team to help hone your brand to perfection. We know how to help businesses reach their customers more effectively. If you want a strong ROI from your branding or rebranding strategy, we can provide it. Contact us today to get started.


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